Failure to Launch

Real Family Talk / 32 LIKES

How do you navigate the road of letting your children grow into young independent adults? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss how parents can navigate the transition from child to young adult.

Lesson 11 - Backslidden People

Hope Sabbath School / 32 LIKES

Sunday December 8 - Sabbath December 14

Lesson 9 -Developing a Winning Attitude

Hope Sabbath School / 32 LIKES

Sunday August 23 - Sabbath August 29

Lesson 5: The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”

Hope Sabbath School / 32 LIKES

Sunday July 25 - Sabbath July 31

Lesson 6: Finding Rest in our Family Relationships

Hope Sabbath School / 32 LIKES

Sunday August 01 - Sabbath August 07

Discipleship (Part 2) - Episode 15

Cross Connection / 31 LIKES

The Bible says that those that follow Christ will be persecuted. Am I not following Christ if I am not persecuted?

"Crunch Time" - Episode 1

StoryLine / 31 LIKES

It was the worst of times. A large Philistine army outnumbered the Israelites substantially. Armed with faith in God, two men take on an entire army...and win.

Go Healthy... For Good! Type 2 Diabetes

Go Healthy For Good! / 31 LIKES

The Sabbath In Prophecy - Episode 6

Disclosure / 31 LIKES

Many are surprised to hear that one of the main themes in Bible prophecy is usually overlooked.