Lesson 2 -From Jerusalem To Babylon

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Sunday January 5 - Sabbath January 11

Lesson 13- From Dust To Stars

Hope Sabbath School / 30 LIKES

Sunday March 22 - Sabbath March 28

Lesson 11: Longing for more

Hope Sabbath School / 30 LIKES

"Six Antitheses of Jesus" - Episode 6

Cross Connection / 29 LIKES

Jesus said that a simple thought can be the same as committing adultery. Join Oleg Kostyuk as we learn how to enact Christ's seemingly contrasting statements in our own lives.

The Transfiguration of Jesus - Episode 24

Cross Connection / 29 LIKES

What does it mean to take up one's cross? There are many opinions out there, but what exactly did Jesus mean when He said it?

Love and Service - Episode 18

Cross Connection / 29 LIKES

No one worth anything would have done it. But Jesus did it and he wants us to do it too!

The Enormous Radio

Cliff! / 29 LIKES

Bringing in the Fruit

Higher Ground / 29 LIKES

Learn how to be fruitful and productive with Dr. Barry Black on Higher Ground!

Daniel 7 - Episode 9

Disclosure / 29 LIKES

With every violent act that we hear about it seems that our safety further unravels before us. What if these events were not only known beforehand, but that a plan was in place to correct them? Host, Shawn Boonstra, unpacks the events of Daniel 7.