12 The Habits of a Steward

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How do we develop habits that are profitable, good, godly, and wise?

Managing Time

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Which is more important? Time? Or money? Watch now to see how your answer affects everything you do!

Praying for Peace

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This week on Let's Pray Let’s Pray, we’ll be Praying for Peace, and will remember the legacy and the prayer life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as his contributions to society.

Lesson 12 - To Love Mercy

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Sunday September 15 - Sabbath September 21

Lesson 8: Comfort My People

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Sunday February 14 - Sabbath February 20

Lesson 13: Rebirth of Planet Earth

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Sunday March 21 - Sabbath March 27

The Transfiguration of Jesus - Episode 24

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What does it mean to take up one's cross? There are many opinions out there, but what exactly did Jesus mean when He said it?

What Aristotle Got Wrong

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Cliff explains how one of the world’s greatest minds got it all wrong. This program is part of the “Philosophy of Faith series.”

"Pilate: A Nightmare Too Real" - Episode 12

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Pilate's counsel came from a dream, but his life was turning into a nightmare.