The Spirit God Gave Us

The Verse / 8933 VIEWS

Fear can often hold us back from growth in various life areas. Hear a few personal testimonies of how people overcame their struggles with fear.

Lesson 4 - Justification by Faith (4th Qtr 2017)

Hope Sabbath School / 8899 VIEWS

Episode for September 25, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 8895 VIEWS

How can I know God's will? Why do bad people prosper while Christians suffer? Should women cover their heads to pray? Where is heaven? Are disciples apostles?

Personal Connection

Transformed / 8888 VIEWS

When you experience a personal connection with Jesus, your priorities change and your life is transformed.

Lesson 5 - Living for God (2nd Qtr 2017)

Hope Sabbath School / 8877 VIEWS


Let's Pray / 8876 VIEWS

This entire program is dedicated to viewer praises and stories of victory.

Lesson 10 - The Role of Stewardship (1st. Qtr. 2018)

Hope Sabbath School / 8857 VIEWS

Hope School

Lesson 11 - Out of the Whirlwind (4th Qtr 2016)

Hope Sabbath School / 8822 VIEWS