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More than 25 million Americans have gallstones and one million receive that diagnosis every year. Though only 2% complain of symptoms each. Find out why this is such a common problem and what you can do to avoid gallstones.

Understanding Jesus - Episode 8

Cross Connection / 8745 VIEWS

Jesus calls his disciples to believe in him in times of sorrow and in times of happiness. How can we have that unshakable faith?

Herbicide in Food

Go Healthy For Good! / 8745 VIEWS

More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the United States and each year, another 2,000 are added. While relatively few chemicals are thought to pose a significant risk to human health, which are they? Find out on this episode!

Lesson 1 - Jesus, Creator of Heaven & Earth (1st Qtr 2013)

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Did our world come into existence on its own or was there a Master Designer? This week, Pastor Derek and the HSS team examine the beginnings of our world.

Lesson 13 - Living By the Word of God

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Sunday June 21 - Sabbath June 27

Lesson 8 -Ministering Like Jesus

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Sunday August 16 - Sabbath August 22

Lesson 7 - Jesus and Those In Need

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Sunday August 11- Sabbath August 17

Lesson 9- End Time Deceptions (2nd Qtr. 2018)

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