Lesson 12 - To Love Mercy

Hope Sabbath School / 28 LIKES

Sunday September 15 - Sabbath September 21

Lesson 8: Comfort My People

Hope Sabbath School / 28 LIKES

Sunday February 14 - Sabbath February 20

Lesson 13: Rebirth of Planet Earth

Hope Sabbath School / 28 LIKES

Sunday March 21 - Sabbath March 27

Lesson 7: Covenant at Sinai

Hope Sabbath School / 28 LIKES

Sunday May 7 - Sabbath May 15

What Aristotle Got Wrong

Cliff! / 27 LIKES

Cliff explains how one of the world’s greatest minds got it all wrong. This program is part of the “Philosophy of Faith series.”

"Pilate: A Nightmare Too Real" - Episode 12

StoryLine / 27 LIKES

Pilate's counsel came from a dream, but his life was turning into a nightmare.

Daniel 10 - Episode 25

Disclosure / 27 LIKES

Have you ever wondered what Jesus really looks like? For centuries Christians artists have tried to give us their impressions over the centuries, but just for a moment, let's pretend that Jesus was going to describe Himself. Watch to find out!

Go Healthy... For Good! Cardiac Disease

Go Healthy For Good! / 27 LIKES

The "Silent Killer". A comprehensive look at Cardiac Disease and some very good ways to prevent it through diet and exercise. Dr Peter Landless and Rebecca Winch are our expert guests.

Prophetic Prostitution - Episode 13

Disclosure / 27 LIKES

They call it the world's oldest profession, but it's also one of the oldest themes in the writings of God's prophets.