The Sermon On The Mount: Conclusion - Episode 10

Cross Connection / 24 VIEWS

"In conclusion..." These words should read as, "Pay attention." When Jesus ended his sermon, He left His disciples with this very important point...

Finding the Right Mate

Real Family Talk / 24 VIEWS

Many singles create a long list for their future mate. Yet, those line items aren’t always in line with reality. Willie and Elaine Oliver explain what you need to know before tying the knot.

Your Frontal Lobe

Go Healthy For Good! / 24 VIEWS

The brain is divided into sections. Being situated at the front of the head, the frontal lobe is the most common place for brain injury to occur. But what happens when the frontal lobe is injured or malfunctions? Watch this to find out!

How Not To Die

Go Healthy For Good! / 24 VIEWS

Most of our leading killer diseases are not caused by infections, accidents, or event genetics. 80-90% of them are due to lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, & inactivity. Discover how diet can impact your health.


Let's Pray / 24 VIEWS

This entire program is dedicated to viewer praises and stories of victory.

Managing Time

Stupid Money / 24 VIEWS

Which is more important? Time? Or money? Watch now to see how your answer affects everything you do!

Brahms Second Symphony

Cliff! / 24 VIEWS

Loving Community

Transformed / 24 VIEWS

If you are longing for healing and transformation, surround yourself with people who have faith and can connect you with Jesus.

Lesson 10 - God's Everlasting Gospel

Hope Sabbath School / 24 VIEWS

Sunday March 3 - Sabbath March 9