Lesson 10-America and Babylon (2nd Qtr. 2018)

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Wake Up with Hope July 05, 2021

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Wake up With Hope is your best option if you are looking to change your day! Here is what we prepare for today: Jean Boonstra from Voice of Prophecy is here to have an encouraging message for you. Also, Kenia will bring us some Hope Channel news, Nerida will share some health tips, and more. Click it and enjoy it!

The Work of Faith

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We’ve heard it said, let faith have its work. Let’s unfold this idea on this episode of Let’s Pray.

Lesson 1 - The Coming of Jesus (2nd Qtr 2015)

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Lesson 13 - God's Mission Completed (3rd Qtr 2013)

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Lesson 13 - A Community of Servants

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Sunday September 22 - Sabbath September 28

Lesson 5 -Spirit-Empowered Witnessing

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Sunday July 26 - Sabbath August 1

Lesson 12- Judgment In Babylon

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Sunday March 17 - Sabbath March 23