Attention Deficit Disorder

Go Healthy For Good! / 9125 VIEWS

ADHD is on the rise. More parents are seeking medication for their children. Perhaps we're getting better at diagnosing it. Or are we over-diagnosing it? The diagnosis criteria have not changed. So what's driving the increase? Find out on this show!

Lesson 6 -Unlimited Possibilities

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Sunday August 2 - Sabbath August 8

Healthy Cooking

Stupid Money / 9118 VIEWS

After becoming a Christian, Lawrence wanted to share healthy cooking with others. He demonstrates how to make his delicious version tofu fried chicken.

Lesson 2 - The Controversy (4th Qtr 2017)

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Hope School

Lesson 5 - Old Testament Faith (3rd Qtr 2017)

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Lesson 9 - Ministering To Others in the New Testament

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Sunday August 25 - Sabbath August 31

Lesson 3: When Your World Is Falling Apart

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Sunday January 10 - Sabbath January 16