LP: Marco Topete | From Drug Dealer to Disciple

Let's Pray / 2059 VIEWS

When Marco Topete's life hit rock bottom, Jesus showed him something much better.

Creation Q & A (1st Qtr 2013)

Hope Sabbath School / 2053 VIEWS

Dr. Tim Standish answers the question: Do you see morality in nature?


Let's Pray / 2044 VIEWS

This entire program is dedicated to viewer praises and stories of victory.

The Church of Ephesus - Episode 1

Disclosure / 2041 VIEWS

In a world of uncertainty, it's nice to know that some of life's important events were actually disclosed to us.

LP: Heather-Dawn Small | Issues Impacting Women Globally

Let's Pray / 2040 VIEWS

Six critical issues impact women globally. What are they? How can we help? Heather-Dawn Small joins us to speak candidly about these issues, and the role of Women's Ministries.


Go Healthy For Good! / 2037 VIEWS

Every 2 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world is having a stroke. Some strokes are silent, or mild, but some are severe, and will kill one person every 10 seconds. Learn more on how to recover after having a stroke.

A Party in Traverse City, Michigan

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2027 VIEWS

Managing a Hair Shop and Motorcycles

Stupid Money / 2025 VIEWS

Richard and Laurelee love motorcycles -- and sharing their love for Jesus with whomever will listen. “We just let them ask questions”. This episode is an inspiring journey of two people that love Jesus.

Healthy Schools

Go Healthy For Good! / 2025 VIEWS

Do schools contribute to childhood obesity? Dr. Nerida hears from author Chris Lineberry about the impact our schools are having on kids today.