An Extra Can of O'S

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Truth Therapy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most evidence-based forms of psychotherapy. And what if CBT is integrated with spiritual values and beliefs, for those who value spirituality? Does it become even more effective? Don't miss this episode!

Lesson 7-Paul's Missionary Journey

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Sunday August 12-Sabbath August 18

Sexual Health & Heart Disease

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Heart disease is a known culprit against longevity, but many don’t realize the affect it has on sexual health too, as Dr. Nerida discusses in this episode.

Lesson 4 - The Key To Unity

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Sunday October 21 - Sabbath October 27

Being Thankful

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With Thanksgiving upon us, it's the perfect time to ask ourselves: WHAT can we be thankful for? Find out how being thankful impacts your health.

Lesson 2 - Hosea: Love and Judgment (2nd Qtr 2013)

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Lesson 2 - Hosea: Love and Judgment (2nd Qtr 2013)

Multiple Sclerosis

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Every hour of every day, one American is diagnosed with a lifelong, chronic disease called multiple sclerosis. This disease is unpredictable and affects primarily young adults. So what causes it? What are the treatment options? Stay Tuned!

Two Angels Named Lonnie and Jeannie

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From the serie: Galactic Good News