Preparing for Parenthood

Real Family Talk / 24 LIKES

How do you prepare for parenthood? What advice is there? Join Willie and Elaine as they share relevant practical tips about having and raising children.

Lesson 9 - From Contamination to Purification

Hope Sabbath School / 24 LIKES

Sunday February 23 - Sabbath February 29

Lesson 10 - From Confession To Consolation

Hope Sabbath School / 24 LIKES

Sunday March 1 - Sabbath March 7

We Are Social Distancing

Hope Sabbath School / 24 LIKES

We are following all CDC guidelines, and all episodes of Hope Sabbath School were pre-recorded before the current pandemic.

Lesson 7 -Sharing the Word

Hope Sabbath School / 24 LIKES

Sunday August 9 - Sabbath August 15

Heavy Metal Exchanged for Life

Revival for Mission / 24 LIKES

Timo was on the road to fame as lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. And yet, despite his success, he still wasn’t satisfied. God intervened in his life in a powerful way and today he’s leading many others to a better life.

Lesson 10: Doing the Unthinkable: The Suffering Messiah

Hope Sabbath School / 24 LIKES

Sunday February 28 - Sabbath March 6

"The Sermon On The Mount: The Beatitudes" - Episode 5

Cross Connection / 23 LIKES

Bible scholars know them as the "Be-attitudes," yet no words to live by could be more strange to real world people. Oleg Kostyuk makes sense of the topsy-turvy rules of living, left by a God whose rules are pure love.

The Great Servant - Episode 17

Cross Connection / 23 LIKES

The servant may be the lowest position, but it is taken by the greatest of men. Find out about this on today's Cross Connection.