Lesson 11 - Sharing the Story of Jesus

Hope Sabbath School / 23 LIKES

Sunday September 6 - Sabbath September 12

Lesson 12: Messiah—the Desire of All Nations

Hope Sabbath School / 23 LIKES

Sunday March 14 - Sabbath March 20

Lesson 8: Covenant Law

Hope Sabbath School / 23 LIKES

Sunday May 16 - Sabbath May 22

Lesson 12: Covenant Faith

Hope Sabbath School / 23 LIKES

Sunday June 13 - Sabbath June 19

Surviving as a Lamb in a Wolf’s World

Higher Ground / 22 LIKES

Join Dr. Barry Black as he guides us through the perils of the wolves on a journey to Higher Ground.

"Peter's Deliverance" - Episode 3

StoryLine / 22 LIKES

For Peter, following Christ meant almost certain death as he sat in prison, chained between guards. Unknown to him, God had another plan that neither Peter nor the praying church could believe, even as it unfolded.

"Cain and Abel" - Episode 5

StoryLine / 22 LIKES

The world's first murder was no mystery. Cain killed his brother, Abel. The story doesn't end there though. Beneath this murder lies a lesson in love, important enough to warrant a place at the beginning of the Bible.

"The Keys of Death" - Episode 21

Disclosure / 22 LIKES

It is a fate that awaits all of us, yet so many philosophies are circulating. What does the Bible say about the matter?

"Peter - A Vision That Changed the World" - Episode 24

StoryLine / 22 LIKES

In a dream, Peter was presented with a feast of unclean meats...and God corrected him when he turned them down.