LP: Victory Day | Overcomers

Let's Pray / 4560 VIEWS

Each week we share an inspiring testimony from a special guest. On this episode, we left the guest chair open to our community. We also shared the story about a mission that was sparked by a little girls kindness.

Praying for Mothers

Let's Pray / 4558 VIEWS

Let's Pray is paying tribute to moms around the world this week to celebrate Mother's Day. Tune in to learn about helpful resources from family expert and mental health counselor Elaine Oliver.

Episode for October 28, 2020

Bible HelpDesk / 4557 VIEWS

Is it ok to focus on career, family and hobbies, or only on God? Will the ark of the covenant be found? Explain Matthew 15:11, James 1:27. Who is left on earth after the rapture?

Lesson 10: Education In Arts and Sciences

Hope Sabbath School / 4537 VIEWS

Lesson 7: Covenant at Sinai

Hope Sabbath School / 4504 VIEWS

Sunday May 7 - Sabbath May 15

The Prayers Of The Righteous

Let's Pray / 4500 VIEWS

Who are the righteous and how can we pray like them? We’ll talk about this and more as we begin season 12. Join us with your prayer requests and praise reports.

The Resurrection - Episode 18

Cross Connection / 4483 VIEWS

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And, what difference does it make anyway?


Go Healthy For Good! / 4477 VIEWS

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, affects almost every woman at some time in her life. Why are some women more affected than others? Where can you find help? And what are the options? Find out the answers to these questions on this episode.