Go Healthy For Good! / 13226 VIEWS

In many countries around the world, one in three children are either overweight or obese. Overweight teens are becoming less inclined make any effort to lose weight, and parents less likely to address the problem. Learn how one passionate physician is improving the health of her community.

A Woeful Time With Windows 95

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Healthful Meditation

Go Healthy For Good! / 13091 VIEWS

What’s the difference between Eastern meditation and Christian prayer? On this episode, find out the benefits of a healthy meditation.

Episode 8: Jesus The King

Revolutionary / 13078 VIEWS

The Gospels provide a truly unconventional depiction of their hero as a king. Oleg highlights the shameful and barbaric nature of crucifixion while Sergio explores the impact that a different kind of king can make today.

A Crown For The Forgiving Dentist

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Making a Killing on the Dodgers

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 13013 VIEWS

Goodbye Diabetes

Go Healthy For Good! / 13007 VIEWS

The high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes can be very destructive. Obliterating blood vessels around the body, causing heart disease, strokes, impaired vision, and kidney disease. Want to turn it around? Then don't miss this episode!

Lesson 5 - Violating the Spirit of the Law

Hope Sabbath School / 12972 VIEWS

Sunday October 27 - Sabbath November 2

Confessions Of A Married Man

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