Lesson 3 - "That They May All Be One"

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Sunday October 14 - Sabbath October 20

Prescription Pills

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Abuse of prescription pills is growing and no addict looks alike. In this episode of Unhooked, the tell-tale signs of prescription pill addiction are outlined, along with ways to find help.

Addictions Overview

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There is a seemingly endless list of addictions and unhealthy behaviors. However, there are many common responses to addictive substances and unhealthy behaviors.


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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, is a cluster of hormonal problems characterized by malfunction of the ovaries. Ovulation is irregular, and so is the monthly cycle, pregnancy is less likely, and miscarriages - more likely. Is there hope? Watch.

Digestion & Food

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We eat over 1000 lb of food each year. That's a lot of chewing, digesting and absorbing that our gastrointestinal tract is required to do. However, it gets some help from the many bacteria that live inside it. What could we do to help this process?


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Gambling provides high stakes for winning but the stakes for addiction are even greater. In this episode, the euphoric high of winning is discussed, along with the effect losing has on one’s financial, emotional and physical health.


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Health Benefits of Quinoa!

PreDiabetes Gone!

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Pre-diabetes rates have tripled in less than a decade, so now more than half of us either has pre-diabetes or diabetes. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Johnny's Journey

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition that disrupts sleep. It occurs when you pause in breathing, or take shallow breaths while you sleep. Find out the implications of sleep apnea from an early age, as we take you through Johnny’s Journey.