Lesson 4 - Mercy and Justice In the Psalms

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Sunday July 21 - Sabbath July 27

Lesson 11 - The Seven Last Plagues

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Sunday March 10 - Sabbath March 16

About My Father's Business: Jesus As A Boy

Hope at Home / 10968 VIEWS

Insights from Jesus' childhood: How do we handle it when others misunderstand us?

"Advent and the People of God" - Episode 2

Cross Connection / 10960 VIEWS

If you met a hero, would you know it? The Jews of the Old Testament were longing for a messiah, but when he finally came they didn't recognize him. On Cross Connections, learn how to recognize messiah.

Lesson 13 - The Everlasting Gospel (4th Qtr 2014)

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Lesson 8 - Comrades in Arms (1st Qtr 2016)

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Personal Connection

Transformed / 10948 VIEWS

When you experience a personal connection with Jesus, your priorities change and your life is transformed.

Lesson 7 - Christ the End of the Law (2nd Qtr 2014)

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