Meeting God on the Road to Hope

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We often have plans to advance in a certain career. A dream job we imagine that will bring us ultimate job satisfaction, yet God knows better. The career calling He provides has eternal benefits.

Episode for September 15, 2021

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Developing a relationship with God. Worship on Saturday? If the Devil is a spirit can he be destroyed? Marrying someone of a different faith? When is "the time of the Gentiles"?

9 You Shall Rejoice!

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The gift of celebration is powerful and potent.

What Day is the Sabbath?

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The Sabbath was instituted by God right at the beginning of the world. But what day of the week should we be keeping today?

Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday?

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Most Christians go to church on Sundays without giving it another thought. But is there a biblical explanation for that?

They Said Yes

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Life is full of choices and we're often asked to say "yes" or "no." Our answers can have immediate and sometimes eternal consequences. When we say "yes" to Him, God promises to do amazing things!

Episode for October 20, 2021

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I keep sinning-will God accept me? God said assemble-am I disobeying to avoid church due to Covid? Rudeness to other believers. Why only some prayers answered immediately? Explain wedding banquet parable.

Episode for November 3, 2021

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How can God, a spirit, create physical matter? Is God fair to punish, destroy deceived sinners? Is the Holy Spirit God? Different ways of being baptized? Grieving the Holy Spirit if you don't pray in Jesus' name?

Unlikely Encounters

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It is sometimes the people we meet in the most unlikely places who have a significant impact on our lives.