The Mystery of the Parables (Part 2) - Episode 19

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Why doesn't God end evil? The answer may not be as straight-forward as we would like it to be, but the answer is in Jesus' parables.

CREATION Life - Dr. Jason Salagubang

Hope at Home / 3811 VIEWS

Dr. Jason Salagubang will talk about CREATION Life (an acronym) and will focus on Rest and Outlook.

A Prayer of Confession

Let's Pray / 3771 VIEWS

Confession, has it gotten a bad name in recent years? Why is it so important? We will talk about this topic tonight, and as always, we will pray with you

LP: S8E02 | Let's Hope

Let's Pray / 3766 VIEWS

In a world filled with worry and despair, how do we hold onto hope? Season and Mario discuss this along with your prayers and praises at 877-7LETSPRAY (877-753-8777).

John: Transformed By Grace

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Is anyone beyond the transforming power of God's grace?

The Adventures of Barnabas and Saul: Part II | Episode 2

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When Barnabas and Saul continue their ministry in Psidian Antioch, the Jews become jealous by the crowds they've drawn and attempt to sabatoge their mission.

Community Culture | Episode 5

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As the Spirit-filled community grew in numbers, they learned, fellowshipped, and shared possesions with each other. How can we learn to be more united as we're filled with the Holy Spirit?

Losing Weight after Quarantine - Dr. George Guthrie

Hope at Home / 3722 VIEWS

When the quarantine ends, some of us may have a few extra pounds. Watch now to learn how to get to your ideal weight in a natural way.

Praying for a Deeper Experience with God

Let's Pray / 3706 VIEWS

Are you struggling with prayer? Don't know how to talk to God? Wonder if God is really listening? Today we'll discover how to have deeper experience with Him through prayer.