Extending Grace

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When you are transformed by the grace of God, you can’t help but extend grace to others!

Lesson 5-The Conversion of Paul

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Sunday July 29 - Sabbath August 4


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Tobacco abuse is an accepted addiction in many societies. It is easily obtained and legal for young adults. Its availability is one reason why it is a common gateway drug for addicts.


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Every 2 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world is having a stroke. Some strokes are silent, or mild, but some are severe, and will kill one person every 10 seconds. Learn more on how to recover after having a stroke.


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This episode discusses codependency and its negative effects on families and its role in addictions. As codependent family members hide negative behaviors that should be confronted, no one in the family gets better.

Family Impact

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Addictions do not just affect one person. These unhealthy behaviors often become a tangled web of emotions and situations. Family members and friends are affected and the role they play could determine the addict's success in recovery.


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Working long hours can bring professional promotion and desired recognition from others. Yet these extra minutes can into an inability to let go of the office. It's a subtle addiction that suffocates the balance between work, home and God.

Math Problem

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Lesson 9 - The Most Convincing Proof

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Sunday November 25 - December 1