Praying Redemption and Favor

Let's Pray / 1836 VIEWS

Do we serve a God Who redeems and favors His children? This is our topic for tonight. Remember, we are here to pray with you and bring your petitions to the Lord.

John: Transformed By Grace

Hope at Home / 1834 VIEWS

Is anyone beyond the transforming power of God's grace?

Queuing Up For Service

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 1832 VIEWS

CREATION Life - Dr. Jason Salagubang

Hope at Home / 1798 VIEWS

Dr. Jason Salagubang will talk about CREATION Life (an acronym) and will focus on Rest and Outlook.

Importance of Purpose - Dr. Ricardo Whyte

Hope at Home / 1798 VIEWS

Identify our purpose in life help us to keep a good mental health. Dr. Ricardo Whyte will talk about the three dimensions of purpose.

Modern Day Prophets - Episode 12

Disclosure / 1790 VIEWS

Does God ever speak directly to the human race like He did in the Bible?

Sex Addictions (For Men)

Unhooked / 1788 VIEWS

Created to express love between husband and wife, sex has been degraded to damage marriages and is a currency for unhealthy behaviors. Experts provide useful suggestions to move from inappropriate sexual activity to establish more positive behaviors.

Moses: The Sabbath Secret

Hope at Home / 1774 VIEWS

In a world where we are enslaved to the things around us, how can we find true freedom?

True Worship: Cleansing The Heart's Temple

Hope at Home / 1770 VIEWS

Can traditions get in the way of true worship?