Seeking an Audience with God

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Sometimes it's not about what is happening in life, but more about who we are with. Join us for prayer-filled episode.

Repeating God’s Promise in Prayer

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Knowing we can trust someone’s “word” means we can rely on it, lean on it, and believe it will be done as they said. How much more can we be assured that God's Word is infallible and trustworthy?

Praying Redemption and Favor

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Do we serve a God Who redeems and favors His children? This is our topic for tonight. Remember, we are here to pray with you and bring your petitions to the Lord.

Facing the Wall

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It is a relief to find hope when we are up against challenging circumstances. Knowing that God is by our side, fighting and breaking walls.

Episode for September 30, 2020

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How did people in the Bible live to 900+ years? Does the story in Matthew 8 contradict Mark 5? Explain the prophecy of Daniel 9:27. What's the point of the story of Jacob wrestling?

Assurance of Deliverance-The Prayer of King Hezekiah

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Can we be assured of our deliverance? Let’s take a look at how the Lord has delivered His chosen ones in the past, and we can learn from those experiences and trust that He will do the same for us when we need it.

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Joseph: The Freedom of Forgiveness

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How is forgiving those who have wronged us also a gift of freedom to ourselves?

The Work of Faith

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We’ve heard it said, let faith have its work. Let’s unfold this idea on this episode of Let’s Pray.