Majoring in Minors: Part II | Episode 5

Cross Connection / 4460 VIEWS

The Church sends an encouraging letter to the Gentile believers; Paul and Barnabas reach a missionary fork in the road.

Unexpected Tumbles

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 4459 VIEWS

Repeating God’s Promise in Prayer

Let's Pray / 4448 VIEWS

Knowing we can trust someone’s “word” means we can rely on it, lean on it, and believe it will be done as they said. How much more can we be assured that God's Word is infallible and trustworthy?

I'm Alive Through Christ

Transformed / 4447 VIEWS

Understanding the transforming character of God can change your view of God and impact all of those around you, including the people you love the most.

The Resurrection - Episode 27

Cross Connection / 4437 VIEWS

Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ there is no Christianity. But why is it so important for Christian faith?

Madame Bovary’s Dreams

Cliff! / 4404 VIEWS

Finding Peace and Joy

Revival for Mission / 4387 VIEWS

Enkosé grew up attending church, but had no personal conviction. Coming from a Jamaican background, he became Rastafari, but still felt empty, depressed. He continued searching, but found no peace. Then, through a conversation with his barber, Enkosé finally found the peace and joy for which he longed.

The Eternal Word Made Flesh - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 4375 VIEWS

There are many that say that Jesus never existed. But at the very beginning of his Gospel, John states that not only did Jesus exist, he ALWAYS existed. The gang dives into John and explores how this view of Jesus changes everything.

LP: Attitude of Gratitude

Let's Pray / 4373 VIEWS

Is it possible to rid ourselves of gloom, negativity, and sadness? Can showing appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness be the cure? That's the challenge we extended to our community on this Victory Day episode of Let's Pray!