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We live much of our lives on the internet, our world intertwined with the cyber world. We shop on it, communicate with it, express ourselves by it. But, is it driving a wedge in between you and your work, your lifestyle, you and your relationships?

Facing Infertility

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What happens when you want to have children but the doctors tell you it’s not possible? The truth is that 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. What are the challenges they face and how can communities of faith minister to them?

Lesson 4 - The Key To Unity

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Sunday October 21 - Sabbath October 27

Lesson 12- Church Organization and Unity

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Sunday December 16 -Sabbath December 22

Lesson 1 - God Created

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Sunday June 30 - Sabbath July 6


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One in 10 women have a condition called endometriosis. Its common, yet mysterious. With serious and disabling symptoms there can be little apparent disease or severe distortion of the reproductive organs and few or no symptoms. Watch for solutions.


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An apple slice turns brown. Nuts become rancid. An old car begins to rust. All as the result of a natural process called oxidation. However, there are anti-oxidants in many foods and drinks right within our reach. Don't miss this episode!

Multiple Sclerosis

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Every hour of every day, one American is diagnosed with a lifelong, chronic disease called multiple sclerosis. This disease is unpredictable and affects primarily young adults. So what causes it? What are the treatment options? Stay Tuned!

Living Single

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What is it like to be a single adult these days? What perceptions do people have of single adults? And what do singles wish people---inside and outside the church---understood about their experience? Single adults talk about the blessings and challenges of Living Single.