Exposing The Hypocrites

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From the serie: Galactic Good News

Who Is My Neighbor: The Story of the Good Samaritan

Hope at Home / 3 LIKES

What is my responsibility to those around me?

A Deeper Reality

Cliff! / 3 LIKES

Science is a wonderful tool to explain many aspects of life. But it cannot explain the supernatural. When it comes to the resurrection of Christ, there is a deeper reality that science cannot explain.

The Logic of the Miraculous

Cliff! / 3 LIKES

Miracles in their essence, cannot be explained. Then how about finding logic in a miracle? would not that be trying to explain it? Cliff explains in fascinating detail the logic of the miraculous.

2 Rebellion and Consequences

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Does God have a nose?

4 Loving the Lord

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First: love; then: obedience - the order matters.

5 	What Do We Do with the Canaanites?

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Is God a racist, deranged, homicidal maniac?

7 Circumcise Your Heart

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God desires to remove the stubborn and selfish parts of our hearts.

Lesson 11: Deuteronomy In The Later Writings

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