A Heart for Mission

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Brad Mills and his family criss-crossed the jungles of the Amazon on a small boat for 13 years, serving the people of the river in Northwest Brazil through much-needed medical services and more as they ministered and reached many hearts for Jesus. In this episode, Brad shares some of his amazing experiences from this fascinating region of the world.

Your Questions Answered- Parenting

Real Family Talk / 2 LIKES

Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions from viewers about parenting.

Prophecies and Politics: The Impact of Conspiracy Theories

Global Affairs Today / 2 LIKES

It seems like conspiracy theories are on the rise everywhere—they’re in our social media feeds and even repeated within our circles of friends and family. We’re asking: How do these theories gain power, and how can we sort fact from fiction?

Who Gets the Ventilator?

Cliff! / 2 LIKES

The Theory of Evolution at its core denies basic, moral elements. The popular premise, “survival of the fittest,” goes in stark contrast to Jesus’ teachings of serving and helping the needy. Once again Cliff proves in scientific terms the dissonance between humanistic thought and heavenly teachings.

Preachin' To The Boys In The Hood

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2 LIKES

Blasphemy and Free Speech

Global Affairs Today / 2 LIKES

In many countries, criticizing religion or even expressing religious doubt can land you with a fine, a jail sentence, or—in some cases—the death penalty. We’re exploring the tragedy of blasphemy and apostasy laws and asking what these can teach us about learning to accept others whose beliefs are different to our own.

Choosing Courage: Zacchaeus

Hope at Home / 2 LIKES

How can we find the courage to make difficult decisions?

Deciding His Fate

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2 LIKES

Over The Cliff We Go

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2 LIKES