"Six Antitheses of Jesus" - Episode 6

Cross Connection / 12010 VIEWS

Jesus said that a simple thought can be the same as committing adultery. Join Oleg Kostyuk as we learn how to enact Christ's seemingly contrasting statements in our own lives.

Lesson 2 - Crisis in Eden (1st Qtr 2016)

Hope Sabbath School / 11929 VIEWS

11 When Things Go Wrong

InVerse / 11913 VIEWS

Ripping something that is super-glued together apart, hurts.

Lesson 10 - Times Of Trouble In the Family

Hope Sabbath School / 11905 VIEWS

Sunday June 2 - Sabbath June 8

Confidence and Assurance

The Verse / 11904 VIEWS

How do we demonstrate faith during times when nothing is reasonable or makes sense? Three college students share faith stories from both the Bible and their lives.

Steps of Faith: Jesus Heals Paralytic & Nobleman's Son

Hope at Home / 11904 VIEWS

Is a paralyzing circumstance preventing you from becoming whole?

Lesson 1 - God Created

Hope Sabbath School / 11864 VIEWS

Sunday June 30 - Sabbath July 6