Confidence and Assurance

The Verse / 11544 VIEWS

How do we demonstrate faith during times when nothing is reasonable or makes sense? Three college students share faith stories from both the Bible and their lives.

LP: Marco Topete | From Drug Dealer to Disciple

Let's Pray / 11530 VIEWS

When Marco Topete's life hit rock bottom, Jesus showed him something much better.

Lesson 4 - Being and Doing (4th Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 11507 VIEWS


Go Healthy For Good! / 11490 VIEWS

More than 25 million Americans have gallstones and one million receive that diagnosis every year. Though only 2% complain of symptoms each. Find out why this is such a common problem and what you can do to avoid gallstones.

Lesson 3 - Jesus and the Apostles' View of the Bible

Hope Sabbath School / 11442 VIEWS

Sunday April 12 - Sabbath April 18

Lesson 10 - From Confession To Consolation

Hope Sabbath School / 11433 VIEWS

Sunday March 1 - Sabbath March 7

Lesson 6 - From Arrogance To Destruction

Hope Sabbath School / 11428 VIEWS

Sunday February 2 - Sabbath February 8