Cheese Trap

Go Healthy For Good! / 23976 VIEWS

Have you been struggling with weight problems for years? Your eating isn't too bad and you're exercising some, but your weight is just not shifting. And you've tried all the diets? Want to know what could be causing the problem? Don’t miss this!

America's Last President Revealed

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Episode 5: Jesus The Prophet

Revolutionary / 23618 VIEWS

In Israel, Oleg highlights a prophet who called on his world to change. In NY, Sergio uncovers fascinating connections between this prophet's message and our world today.

Worshipping At Waco

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5 	What Do We Do with the Canaanites?

InVerse / 23372 VIEWS

Is God a racist, deranged, homicidal maniac?

LP: Mike Tucker | Ministry, Marriage, and Mourning

Let's Pray / 23175 VIEWS

It's been said that we grieve greatly because we have loved greatly. Lifestyle Magazine host, Mike Tucker, joins us to talk about his ministry, his marriage, and loosing the love of his life.

Designer Gowns for Everyone

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The Last Journey into The Wild

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Burying Bad Apples

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