11 Life or Death

InVerse / 191 VIEWS

God gives us a choice - choose life with Him!

6 	Do Not Forget!

InVerse / 190 VIEWS

Why do we keep forgetting about the goodness of God?

Your Questions Answered - Marriage

Real Family Talk / 186 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver discuss questions from viewers on how to improve marital relationships.

Kidney Disease & Diet

Go Healthy For Good! / 180 VIEWS

Kidneys are essential, yet when function is impaired there are often no symptoms. Dr. Nerida shares how to care for this organ before it’s too late.

Lesson 3: The Roots of Restlessness

Hope Sabbath School / 179 VIEWS

Sunday July 11 - Sabbath July 17

12 Song of Remembrance

InVerse / 178 VIEWS

This song is about vengeance and vindication - take a listen!

Amish and Adventist

Revival for Mission / 176 VIEWS

Take a peek into the life of an Amish family on a mission to share the Advent hope they have found with others on this episode of Revival for Mission.

Lesson 1: What Happened?

Hope Sabbath School / 173 VIEWS

Sunday March 28 - Sabbath April 3

The Logic of the Miraculous

Cliff! / 173 VIEWS

Miracles in their essence, cannot be explained. Then how about finding logic in a miracle? would not that be trying to explain it? Cliff explains in fascinating detail the logic of the miraculous.