Prison Break | Episode 16

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

Proclaiming the Gospel is a threat to political powers. It can get people imprisoned, yet God’s message will carry on.

Prophets and Teachers | Episode 17

Cross Connection / 9 VIEWS

At this moment in the Early Church, the Holy Spirit selects Saul and Barnabas for mission work. This begins a series of Spirit-filled adventures for the dynamic duo.

Lesson 12 - The Day of the Lord (2nd Qtr 2017)

Hope Sabbath School / 9 VIEWS

10 "Children of the Promise"

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Romans 9: Are we really free moral agents?

01 The Influence of Materialism

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Do you have full control of your “stuff,” or does your “stuff” control you?

Your Doctor, Your Coach

Go Healthy For Good! / 9 VIEWS

In order to be successful, an athlete looks for a good coach. Imagine choosing your doctor to be your health coach? Find out how that could change your life for the best.

LP: S8E10 | Let's Reconnect

Let's Pray / 9 VIEWS

When God created man, He gave him responsibilities and identity. We'll get a few perspectives on manhood, along with your prayer requests and praises at 877-7-LETSPRAY.