But Who Are You? | Episode 12

Cross Connection / 9263 VIEWS

Discover how Paul introduces The Way to the church in Ephesus and how the Seven Sons of Sceva are taught a tough lesson in what it means to truly know God.

Stewardship of Health

Stupid Money / 9217 VIEWS

Thy Living Way is a health retreat where you learn how to change an unhealthy lifestyle. But were its finances as healthy as its students? Find out what the owners did to turn things around.

Lesson 1 - The Coming of Jesus (2nd Qtr 2015)

Hope Sabbath School / 9211 VIEWS

Lesson 13 - God's Mission Completed (3rd Qtr 2013)

Hope Sabbath School / 9190 VIEWS

Sex Addiction

Go Healthy For Good! / 9185 VIEWS

Dr. Nerida discusses sexual addiction, a vice that affects men and women of all ages and may take an expert’s help to break free from it.

Lesson 13 - A Community of Servants

Hope Sabbath School / 9178 VIEWS

Sunday September 22 - Sabbath September 28

Lesson 5 -Spirit-Empowered Witnessing

Hope Sabbath School / 9174 VIEWS

Sunday July 26 - Sabbath August 1

Lesson 12- Judgment In Babylon

Hope Sabbath School / 9173 VIEWS

Sunday March 17 - Sabbath March 23