10 No Longer Under a Tutor

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God's law does not change, but how we relate to it can.

Choosing God First - Pr. Pavel Goia

Hope at Home / 290 VIEWS

Pr. Pavel Goia will share his testimony of how his life changed after deciding to let God take control of his life and plans.

05 Marital Sexuality: Oneness

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Let's take a look at a forbidden Bible book.

09 Dead to the Law – Married to Christ

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"Til death do us part"?

07 Marital Sexuality: Sameness of Nature

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God's intentions for humanity with respect to sexuality.

2 Rebellion and Consequences

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Does God have a nose?

06 Marital Sexuality: Twoness

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The mathematics of biblical sexuality.

08 Marital Sexuality: Difference

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The fifth and final ingredient for biblical sexuality.

12 Covenant Love: The Discipline Component

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True discipline exists in the context of love.