Cognition & Food

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Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia in the Western world. While genes are one risk factor, there are numerous other health and environmental risk factors. Find out what you can do to prevent it!

Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, affecting more than 2 million Americans each year. This number is rising rapidly. What can you do to prevent it? Are there ways to detect it at an early, curable stage? Please watch.

Metabolic Syndrome

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The Metabolic syndrome affects at least one third of all adults in America and other industrialized countries. It doubles the risk of heart disease and increases the risk of diabetes at least five-fold. What causes it? Can it be prevented?

Be Transformed

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Experience the amazing grace and mercy of Jesus and be transformed.

Thyroid Disease

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How can you tell if you have an under-active thyroid? Or what if it is over-active? How will you feel? and what can you do about it? These questions and more, coming up. Watch!

Lesson 7 - When Conflicts Arise

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Sunday November 11 - Sabbath November 17

Lesson 7 - The Seven Trumpets

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Sunday February 10 - Sabbath February 16

Better Sleep

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Looking for more peace and a better night's sleep?

Lesson 6- Images of Unity

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Sunday November 4 - November 10