John: Transformed By Grace

Hope at Home / 2406 VIEWS

Is anyone beyond the transforming power of God's grace?

A Prayer of Confession

Let's Pray / 2397 VIEWS

Confession, has it gotten a bad name in recent years? Why is it so important? We will talk about this topic tonight, and as always, we will pray with you

Longevity and Exercise

Go Healthy For Good! / 2393 VIEWS

Starting an exercise program may sound somewhat daunting. However, with a little juggling of schedules and regular reminders to yourself of the benefits, you'll soon be on your way to prolonging you life! Watch this amazing episode!

Diabetes Complications

Go Healthy For Good! / 2392 VIEWS

Having lots of sugar in your blood can really do a number on your blood vessels. Symptoms start with small blood vessels first, like those supplying your eyes, kidneys, and feet. To keep those sugars down? Don't miss this episode!

Complete Health Improvement

Go Healthy For Good! / 2379 VIEWS

Ever considered what it would mean to be completely healthy? On this episode, we set out to find complete health. Don’t miss it!

Mary, Mother of Jesus: Burdened Or Blessed?

Hope at Home / 2351 VIEWS

Embracing the unexpected: do you see yourself as burdened or blessed?

Winning Over Worry

Higher Ground / 2350 VIEWS

Worrying is the opposite of trusting God. Dr. Barry Black shows us how to win the struggle over worrying with just a few simple steps.

Episode for January 1, 2020

Bible HelpDesk / 2348 VIEWS

Is God with us in 'bad' locations? Did God create evil? Explain 2 Chron. 7:14. Does God lack justice? 'Few are chosen'? Attending homosexual child's wedding.

CREATION Life - Dr. Jason Salagubang

Hope at Home / 2345 VIEWS

Dr. Jason Salagubang will talk about CREATION Life (an acronym) and will focus on Rest and Outlook.