Hiding On Halloween Night

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 33 VIEWS

The Game of Exclusion

Higher Ground / 32 VIEWS

Dr. Barry Black shows us how to avoid the exclusion game, and to live our lives according to God’s plan.

The Sabbath In Prophecy - Episode 6

Disclosure / 32 VIEWS

Many are surprised to hear that one of the main themes in Bible prophecy is usually overlooked.

Anorexia & Bulimia

Unhooked / 32 VIEWS

The desire to be thin at all costs is a struggle for women and men allike. In this episode, the tell-tale signs of anorexia and bulimia are explained, along with their long-term effects. Guest Experts: Laurelle Warner & Barbara Dickinson

Your Questions Answered-Marriage Woes

Real Family Talk / 32 VIEWS

What to do to get your spouse to really listen to your conversation.

Lesson 13- From Dust To Stars

Hope Sabbath School / 32 VIEWS

Sunday March 22 - Sabbath March 28

Money and Weddings

Stupid Money / 32 VIEWS

The average wedding costs over $25,000! How much should you spend? Here's how one couple decided.

Episode 9: Jesus The Messiah

Revolutionary / 32 VIEWS

An ancient, previously undiscovered writing, “The War Scroll,” predicts an epic spiritual battle to be led by a mighty spiritual warrior: The Messiah. Oleg and Sergio examine the ancient and modern repercussions of a Messiah no one could have possibly expected.

I’m a C. S.  Lewis Christian

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 32 VIEWS