13 Christian Living

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Romans 14-15: How small things add to the big question of salvation

Managing Life’s Transitions

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Starting a new job, moving to a different country, getting married, becoming a parent, and the long-waited retirement—all of these are life transitions. Discover how to cope with stressful and joyful transitions.

Your Doctor, Your Coach

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In order to be successful, an athlete looks for a good coach. Imagine choosing your doctor to be your health coach? Find out how that could change your life for the best.

Boundaries with Misbehaving Children

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When do we draw the line? How can we raise well-behaved children? Join Willie and Elaine as they give practical advice on raising and disciplining children.

Lesson 13- Final Restoration of Unity

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Sunday December 23 - Sabbath December 29

10 God's Everlasting Gospel

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Lesson 13 - Turning Hearts In the End Time

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Sunday June 23 -Sabbath June 29

Lesson 2 -From Jerusalem To Babylon

Hope Sabbath School / 30 LIKES

Sunday January 5 - Sabbath January 11

Lesson 13- From Dust To Stars

Hope Sabbath School / 30 LIKES

Sunday March 22 - Sabbath March 28