The Jesus of the Gospels, Part 2

Table Talk / 23 VIEWS

Too often we skip over the life of Jesus and jump right to his death, burial, and resurrection. But his life is full of lessons that we can benefit from. Press the play button to join the unscripted conversation with Jeffrey Rosario, David Asscherick, Ty Gibson, and James Rafferty as they unravel the beautiful parallels between the Old Testament and the life of Jesus. Bring a Bible and listen in. Let yourself dare to think.

Gut Brain Connection

Go Healthy For Good! / 23 VIEWS

Did you know that your gut speaks to your brain and your brain talks back? That's why your tummy can mirror your emotions so readily. Find out how to positively impact that connection.

LP: Heather-Dawn Small | Issues Impacting Women Globally

Let's Pray / 23 VIEWS

Six critical issues impact women globally. What are they? How can we help? Heather-Dawn Small joins us to speak candidly about these issues, and the role of Women's Ministries.

Lesson 2 - The Controversy (4th Qtr 2017)

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Hope School

Lesson 13- The Return of our Lord Jesus Christ

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Lesson 12- What Have They Seen In Your House?

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Sunday June 16 - Sabbath June 22

Lesson 1 - God Created

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Sunday June 30 - Sabbath July 6

Lesson 5 - The Cry of the Prophets

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Sunday July 28 - Sabbath August 3