Truth Therapy

Go Healthy For Good! / 1375 VIEWS

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most evidence-based forms of psychotherapy. And what if CBT is integrated with spiritual values and beliefs, for those who value spirituality? Does it become even more effective? Don't miss this episode!

Five Good Reasons to Be Nervous About the United States

Five Good Reasons / 1375 VIEWS

Does the United States really appear in Bible prophecy? Learn to decode the books of Daniel and Revelation and decide for yourself. Watch now!

Environmental Health

Go Healthy For Good! / 1373 VIEWS

We all interact with our environment constantly. Maintaining a healthy environment is pivotal to good health. Globally, almost 25% of all deaths and the total burden of disease can be attributed to environmental factors. Learn more about this!

08 Satan, A Defeated Enemy

InVerse / 1373 VIEWS

"The Genealogy of the King" - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 1362 VIEWS

We do a little digging around the roots of Jesus' family tree, only on Cross Connections.

Surviving as a Lamb in a Wolf’s World

Higher Ground / 1358 VIEWS

Join Dr. Barry Black as he guides us through the perils of the wolves on a journey to Higher Ground.

Passing The Buck Upstairs

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 1357 VIEWS

About My Father's Business: Jesus As A Boy

Hope at Home / 1354 VIEWS

Insights from Jesus' childhood: How do we handle it when others misunderstand us?