Alcoholism in Adults

Unhooked / 44 LIKES

One drink won't hurt, or will it? Many adults wish they had never taken the first sip. In this episode, the long-term effects of alcohol use and abuse are discussed.


Go Healthy For Good! / 44 LIKES

Find out the health benefits of Radicchio!

Mission in Action

Celebration of Hope / 44 LIKES

God wants to use you to change the world!

Lesson 9: To Serve and to Save

Hope Sabbath School / 44 LIKES

Sunday February 21 - Sabbath February 27

Self Mutilation/Cutting

Unhooked / 43 LIKES

Self-mutilation is a growing but underreported addiction. Addicts are often embarrassed and feel guilty, Scars are easily concealed, leading to a cover-up of the problem.

Discipleship I: Taking Up The Cross - Episode 11

Cross Connection / 43 LIKES

There are a lot of ideas about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. But Jesus himself had something very interesting to say about that.

08 Worship the Creator

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What is present truth for this age?

04 Worthy Is The Lamb

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Lesson 13 - I Make All Things New

Hope Sabbath School / 43 LIKES

Sunday March 24- Sabbath March 30