Lesson 5: The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”

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Sunday July 25 - Sabbath July 31

Lesson 6: Finding Rest in our Family Relationships

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Sunday August 01 - Sabbath August 07

Discipleship (Part 2) - Episode 15

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The Bible says that those that follow Christ will be persecuted. Am I not following Christ if I am not persecuted?

"Crunch Time" - Episode 1

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It was the worst of times. A large Philistine army outnumbered the Israelites substantially. Armed with faith in God, two men take on an entire army...and win.

Go Healthy... For Good! Type 2 Diabetes

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Childhood Depression

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So what are the symptoms that parents need to watch for? Which children are more at risk? How can we protect our kids from depression? The answers to these questions coming straight ahead! Stay tuned.

The Lifestyle Revolution!

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World-renowned lifestyle specialist and researcher, Dr. Dean Ornish joins Dr. Nerida to discuss the secrets of a better life. Heart disease, prostate cancer, and even how to slow aging down! Don't miss it.

Lesson 11 - The Sabbath (3rd Qtr 2014)

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Hearing and Acting - Episode 9

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How do we not just be hearers of God's Word, but doers?