Depression Series - 4

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Watch the final part of this amazing series and learn how to conquer depression.

The Art of Parenting

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Babies arrive without any instructions! In fact, many times their arrival is unplanned. Yet every child is unique, and precious. Watch as our experts give you ideas, tools and examples on how to master the Art of being a Parent.

The Male Brain & The Female Brain

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Learn from Dr. Arlene Taylor Ph.D., brain-function researcher and educator, why men and women misunderstand each other so often!

Adventist Health Study

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Who lives longer - vegetarians, non-vegetarians, or vegans? Are nuts a superfood or a fatty food? How much longer could the lifespan be extended by optimal health practices? Find out these answers from the Adventist Health Study.

The Radical Kindgom - Episode 13

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How easy is it to love those who often hurt you? How easy is it to live out the teachings of Jesus?

Lesson 8 - The Mission of Jesus (2nd Qtr 2015)

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Environmental Health

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We all interact with our environment constantly. Maintaining a healthy environment is pivotal to good health. Globally, almost 25% of all deaths and the total burden of disease can be attributed to environmental factors. Learn more about this!

LP: Jonathan Moore | Moore Than Life

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At the age of 19, he was facing a life sentence in prison. Today, he lives as a free man. Find out why Jonathan Moore believes God redeemed the time that he spent serving time.