Lesson 3 - The Creation Completed (1st Qtr 2013)

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There's something satisfying in doing a good job. Each day after God completed His work, He said "It was good." This week, Pastor Derek & the HSS team review the masterful work of God's creation completed in one week.

Lesson 8 - Unity In Faith

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Sunday October 18 - Sabbath November 24

The Politics of Paul | Episode 10

Cross Connection / 7544 VIEWS

Paul arrives in Corinth and provides a new way of looking at ministry.

Lesson 10 - God- Centered Learning

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Sunday November 29 - Sabbath December 5

Integrity Pays Debt

Stupid Money / 7504 VIEWS

When we are in debt, the principle of integrity will guide us to pay it off. Gil Brown, chaplain and locksmith, shares how he built his business and learned how to manage money. He gives three rules to stay out of debt.

Lesson 10 - Stewardship & the Environment (1st Qtr 2013)

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In Genesis 1, God gave Adam stewardship responsibilities over the Garden of Eden. Today, we still have a duty as stewards. This week, the team discusses stewardship & the environment.

Lesson 10- Unity In Broken Relationships

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Sunday December 2 - Sabbath December 9

Lesson 1 - Creation and Fall

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Lesson 2- Pentecost

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Sunday July 8 - Sabbath July 14