Music & The Mind

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Music is a ubiquitous part of life for everyone on the planet, regardless of income, race or creed. Music bonds, soothes, and nurtures us. But it can do so much more. In fact, there's a whole new science called Music Therapy. Stay tuned!

LP: Heather-Dawn Small | Issues Impacting Women Globally

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Six critical issues impact women globally. What are they? How can we help? Heather-Dawn Small joins us to speak candidly about these issues, and the role of Women's Ministries.

Lesson 12- Babylon and Armageddon

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Lesson 11 - Learning To Work

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Sunday December 6 - Sabbath December 12

Episode for September 25, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 7227 VIEWS

How can I know God's will? Why do bad people prosper while Christians suffer? Should women cover their heads to pray? Where is heaven? Are disciples apostles?

Tennis Balls And Jell-O? I Don't Get It

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 7222 VIEWS

Lesson 14 - Some Lessons from Job (4th Qtr 2016)

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Lesson 13- Journey To Rome

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