08 The Jerusalem Council

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Delegations from all over the world congregate to resolve a crisis.

5 Tips for Success in Marriage

Real Family Talk / 25 LIKES

Is it possible to live happily ever after? In this episode of Real Family Talk, Willie and Elaine talk about the five stages of marriage and share tips for success at any stage.

Lesson 3 - God's Call

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Sunday October 13 - Sabbath October 19

Lesson 7- From The Lion's Den To The Angel's Den

Hope Sabbath School / 25 LIKES

Sunday February 9 - Sabbath February 15

Lesson 4: An Everlasting Covenant

Hope Sabbath School / 25 LIKES

Sunday April 18 - Sabbath April 24

CC: Season's Greetings - Joseph, Mary, and the Greatest Christmas Gift

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On the second part of CC: Season's Greetings, the CC gang takes a look at Mary and Joseph, asking what made them worthy of being entrusted with the Greatest Gift. How can we be more like them?

Life and Judgement - Episode 8

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Have you ever had to appear before a judge? Was it scary? Just the thought can be frightening. Many Christians are afraid of the "final" judgment. But what if I told you that you don't have to come into judgement.

The Resurrection - Episode 18

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Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And, what difference does it make anyway?

The Church of Smyrna - Episode 2

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Imagine a time where many people would be willing to die for the gospel. The Bible actually prophesied about it generations before it happened.