Is Your Adolescent Vulnerable to Drugs

Real Family Talk / 6835 VIEWS

Season Cromwell and Chad Stuart share their struggle with substance abuse and lessons learned.

Everyone Who Loves

The Verse / 6782 VIEWS

What is love? How do we learn to follow God’s message to Paul of “loving one another?"


Let's Pray / 6760 VIEWS

This entire program is dedicated to viewer praises and stories of victory.

Limb Loss

Go Healthy For Good! / 6735 VIEWS

Every day around 400 Americans lose a limb, and on globally? The rate is staggering, one amputation every 30 seconds. But there's good news to go with the bad. Stay tuned!

Lesson 3- Life In the Early Church

Hope Sabbath School / 6714 VIEWS

Sunday July 15 - Sabbath July 21

"The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus" - Episode 4

Cross Connection / 6677 VIEWS

We find Jesus on the banks of a river, asking to be baptized. Yet the question must be asked, why would a sinless man need to be baptized? In Cross Connections we explore the meaning and the importance of Jesus' baptism.

"Six Antitheses of Jesus" - Episode 6

Cross Connection / 6657 VIEWS

Jesus said that a simple thought can be the same as committing adultery. Join Oleg Kostyuk as we learn how to enact Christ's seemingly contrasting statements in our own lives.

Passing The Buck Upstairs

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 6617 VIEWS

Lesson 10-The Third Missionary Journey

Hope Sabbath School / 6547 VIEWS