Lesson 11 - The Seven Last Plagues

Hope Sabbath School / 20 VIEWS

Sunday March 10 - Sabbath March 16

Lesson 9 - Time Of Loss

Hope Sabbath School / 20 VIEWS

Sunday May 26 - Sabbath June 1

Lesson 10 - Times Of Trouble In the Family

Hope Sabbath School / 20 VIEWS

Sunday June 2 - Sabbath June 8

Everyone Who Loves

The Verse / 20 VIEWS

What is love? How do we learn to follow God’s message to Paul of “loving one another?"

Delighting in the Almighty

Revival for Mission / 20 VIEWS

Is it possible to be a Christian and yet not have a vibrant relationship with God? In this episode Michael Dant shares how surrender is the key to mission.

Rescuing the Perishing

Revival for Mission / 20 VIEWS

In this episode, hosts Derek Morris and Ted Wilson discuss the prophetic roots of the Advent movement, and talk with a Seventh-day Adventist attorney whose mission includes rescuing victims of human trafficking and other abuses.

Transformation for Mission!

Revival for Mission / 20 VIEWS

Whether it be the transformation of an individual life, or of an entire country, God is able to take seemingly impossible situations and wonderfully change them forever.

07 Friendship

InVerse / 20 VIEWS

Healthy Cooking

Stupid Money / 20 VIEWS

After becoming a Christian, Lawrence wanted to share healthy cooking with others. He demonstrates how to make his delicious version tofu fried chicken.