The Fellowship of the Community | Episode 3

Cross Connection / 3841 VIEWS

As the new community grew in Acts 2, their mindset and lifestyle changed. Oleg and Sergio discuss how a community filled with the Holy Spirit should live.

Lesson 5: Noble Prince of Peace

Hope Sabbath School / 3833 VIEWS

Sunday January 24 - Sabbath January 30

Majoring in Minors: Part I | Episode 4

Cross Connection / 3827 VIEWS

As the gospel spreads to the Gentiles, the Jews get into a discussion about which doctrines they have to follow.

Antioch | Episode 15

Cross Connection / 3809 VIEWS

It was Antioch where the believers were first called Christians. On this episode, we learn what the word Christian means along with rethinking the concept of church

LP: Hope, Peace & Joy!

Let's Pray / 3769 VIEWS

We have Hope because of the birth of Jesus Christ. We're celebrating this hope and embracing the joy of the season through prayer, praise, and music on this special holiday edition of Let's Pray!

Environmental Health

Go Healthy For Good! / 3743 VIEWS

We all interact with our environment constantly. Maintaining a healthy environment is pivotal to good health. Globally, almost 25% of all deaths and the total burden of disease can be attributed to environmental factors. Learn more about this!

Three Angels Message from Revelation 14 - Pr. Sam Neves

Hope at Home / 3729 VIEWS

The Three Angels' Messages are one of the most relevant topics from the Bible for today.

Seen But Not Heard

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 3716 VIEWS

Finding Peace and Joy

Revival for Mission / 3707 VIEWS

Enkosé grew up attending church, but had no personal conviction. Coming from a Jamaican background, he became Rastafari, but still felt empty, depressed. He continued searching, but found no peace. Then, through a conversation with his barber, Enkosé finally found the peace and joy for which he longed.