Lesson 8: The Promise

Hope Sabbath School / May 15, 2022

Lesson 7: The Covenant With Abraham

Hope Sabbath School / May 08, 2022

Episode for May 4, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / May 04, 2022

How do we know who'll go to heaven? Must we give sacrificially? Romans 1,2 on judging. What does the crown of thorns represent? Speaking in tongues and receiving the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 6: The Roots of Abraham

Hope Sabbath School / May 01, 2022

Episode for April 27, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / April 27, 2022

Spirituality in isolation? Struggling with masturbation. Does Micah 4:6 address those with mental illness? Will we sin till Jesus returns to take us to heaven?

Episode for April 20, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / April 20, 2022

How can I know God is answering my prayers? Jesus or Joshua? Is the eternal life promised just forward-facing? Are there angels among us? What if Jesus had failed?

Lesson 4: The Flood

Hope Sabbath School / April 17, 2022

Episode for April 13, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / April 13, 2022

Did Jesus resurrect Himself? After Jesus ascended to heaven, what happened to the sins he bore? Was God forgiving before Christ came to earth? In Ps 22 is Jesus talking about His death?

Lesson 3: Cain and His Legacy

Hope Sabbath School / April 10, 2022