It'll Never Happen To Me

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Praying for Fitness

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Physical wellness plays a key role in our overall wellbeing. This week on Let’s Pray, we’ll discuss practical ways to restore or retain a good physical condition.

Magnificent Creation

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On this episode of Revival for Mission, Dr. Tim Standish, a research scientist from the Geoscience Research Institute explores reasons for believing in a magnificent creation and Creator.

Owners of a Hotel Franchise

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Have We Missed the Point About Racism?

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Racism is a complex and devasting force that’s found in societies around the globe. We dig deeper into what drives racism, and how we can recognize it and fight it within our own communities.

Nation-Building for God?

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What happens when faith becomes closely linked with patriotism or political loyalty? We take a closer look at the phenomenon known as Christian nationalism and explore its dangerous impact in the political life of nations around the world.

Digging Our Own path

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From the serie: A Suitcase Full of Faith

Twenty-Two Birthday Cards

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Seasons of Grief

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In processing the heartbreak of losing their son to leukemia, a ministry was born to help others learn how to navigate the grieving process.